Sweet Deep Grapefruit Strain



Sweet Deep Grapefruit is a 100% pure indica strain that’s a cross between the famously tasty and widely popular Blueberry X Grapefruit strains. This bud has a mild THC level ranging from 12-18%, although it tends to remain on the lower side. With a mouth-watering fruity acidic smell and an even more delicious pineapple taste that sweetens upon exhaling, Sweet Deep Grapefruit is everything that its name suggests and more. Its full-body sedative effects are mild in nature and typically come on steadily along with a warming body buzz and a sense of peaceful well-being. This bud is perfect for treating patients who suffer from depression and chronic pain due to its sedative, calming effects. The dark olive green nugs are decked in orange hairs and caked with bright trichomes, making Sweet Deep Grapefruit just as delicious as it looks! Because of its fruity taste, mellow effects, and mild THC level, this strain is an ideal choice for new patients. But don’t let that deter you from having a taste of Sweet Deep Grapefruit if you’re a seasoned user!