Strawberry Amnesia




If you want the most exquisite strain in Dinafem’s catalog, just grab the Strawberry Amnesia. Don’t think twice! Not only does she grow like a tree, but her effects are unbelievably powerful. She produces tons of buds, and the only problem you’d face is to understand how to trim her extra-large branches that grow like baseball bats!

They were impressed with the levels of the original Shark Shock, but they wanted even medicinal users to enjoy the strain without worrying about its psychoactive effects. Therefore, they crossed the original Shark Shock with a sturdy CBD male obtained from CBD Crew. And the results are spectacular indeed.


One doesn’t need exotic perfumes if they possess Strawberry Amnesia. Such is the strength of her aromas. With fragrances of Haze, strawberry, and fresh citrus welcoming you every time you walk into the grow room, you’ll want to sit close to her and take in the scent as much as you can. She also exudes fruity and pine aromas that are intensified after a bit of curing.


Just everything about Strawberry Amnesia is extravagant. She doesn’t believe in anything mediocre. Containing more than 20 percent , this sativa-dominant plant will give you ample reasons to be happy and cheerful while delivering a super powerful psychoactive high that can be tough to manage if you aren’t used to cannabis.


Strawberry Amnesia is slender and beautiful, no doubt, but she has the tendency to grow wild and untamed without any inhibitions. She has the habit of conquering the space around her with a vengeance. Therefore, she isn’t suitable for stealth grows. Those growing indoors will face problems later on if the growth is not curbed early. The best way to do reduce the growth indoors is to let her grow in the vegetative stage only for 3 weeks. You can also use training techniques to further cut the growth short. After all, she grows up to 9.8 feet outdoors, so it’s crucial to keep an eye on her. Indoors, she produces around 625 grams/m2 but outdoor production is unbelievable with expected yields around 700 grams to 1.1 kilos of buds per plant!