This outstanding strain with unbeatable origins, derived from the cross of an OG Kush and a Cheese Autoflowering, is aimed at those who prioritise the taste and the aroma.

Kush’N’Cheese Autoflowering turns into beautiful and vigorous mid-sized marijuana plants that, due to their Indica-dominance, acquire a compact and branchy structure with medium distance between nodes. This mid-sized/big hybrid with fast-flowering properties makes an excellent autoflowering version of Kush’N’Cheese since she faithfully reflects all the outstanding traits of her sister.


Kush’N’Cheese Autoflowering is suitable for growers of all levels, providing great results both indoors and outdoors in exchange for very little effort. Her scent is so intense that we recommend setting up good-quality anti-odour filters if growing indoors. Outdoors, Kush’N’Cheese Autoflowering is the perfect strain for guerrilla growing or cultivating in remote areas because not only her dimensions but also her strong aroma make this award-winning stinky strain unsuitable for growing on balconies or terraces.

The use of stakes during the last weeks of the flowering is also likely to be necessary to hold the weight of her dense and heavy buds. To make the most of Kush’N’Cheese Autoflowering, we should add 30 % of coco coir to the substrate and irrigate frequently but sparsely.